How you can beat the bookie by being smart!

Sports betting is a huge industry, and it is easy to see why. It makes games more exciting when you’ve got some cash riding on it, and even better, it can be extremely lucrative when the wagering has been done well. If you have ever wondered how to place sports bets then online is probably the most convenient option, though high street bookies are also very popular. With all of that money sloshing around there are massive potentials for getting your hands on a significant amount of it. It is highly competitive though and there are some very smart people out there competing for those winnings. Any advantage you can get is going to help you as just relying on chance is definitely not the best option. With that in mind, we have put together a few sports betting tips to help give you an edge on the bookies.

Know the Sport

The better you know the sport the better you are going to be able to pick winning bets. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and some people bet well on sports they know little about. But generally speaking the more research you put in then the better the return on your wagers will be. When two teams face off it goes deeper than just how well they have played in their last few games. How well do they play against each other? Does it matter where they are playing? What sort of bets are you planning to make – straightforward head to head win, a proposition bet, over/under? Has either side been in the news for anything lately that may affect them positively or negatively? The more research you have done the greater your chances of winning will be, and it also makes the sport more enjoyable as your knowledge of it increases. If you don’t have the time to dedicate it to an in-depth, thorough research then tipsters may be the way to go for you. There are a few really good ones out there with some accurate, on the money sports betting strategies that have proven profitable and could be the way to go for those short on time.

Choose the Right Sports Book

Just as researching your chosen sports is essential, so is choosing the right bookies when sports betting online. Make sure that you know everything there is to know about the site that you use. This includes things like what sort of bets they offer, and the smaller details like payment and customer service options if you ever need to get in touch about anything. More important is to know the ins and outs of any promotions and the terms and conditions of their bonuses. Find out what the wagering requirements of the bonuses are and what the requirements for cashing out are. Another great online resource is review sites which will save your time and avoid any unforeseen hassles as someone else will have already spent the time to research the site for you. A good review site will highlight the key pros and cons and inform you of the bonus terms in detail. Online odds checkers are also extremely helpful in comparing odds to help you find the best one for the sports/wagers you are interested in.

Head not Heart

This will sound obvious but to make money in the long run you must think with your head and not let your emotions pick bets for you. Of course, it is always great when the home team wins, especially when there was money riding on it but this wishful thinking betting is music to a bookies ears. They make a ton of money off punters who have convinced themselves that their team is going to upset the odds and the tipsters to pull off an upset win. There is nothing wrong with betting on your team – if there are sound, objective reasons to do so, just make sure that it is logic that has picked that outcome. Other things to steer clear of are alcohol-fuelled gambling – it is easy to feel a lot more optimistically positive about a dire situation after a pint or two. Also try and avoid angry betting, particularly if you are down that particular day and are trying to win your money back.


It is certainly possible to beat the bookies and make good money off sports betting. Like everything else in life the more research that goes into all facets of it the more successful it will be. Find out everything you can about the sport and the bookies. Bet with a clear head and start small. With time and experience comes greater success.